Sunday, April 8, 2012

Body Lotion

Lotion is not sticky. Rich in natural Vitamin B5, rice bran oil helps to fight free radicals. Protection from Occidental reaction caused by natural solar UV radiation protection, making the skin look younger. Nourish and maintain skin elastin and reduce wrinkles of the skin. Helps the skin retain moisture and Vitamin E oil, sesame and tamarind extract, with high Vitamin C helps keep skin clear. Cucumber extracts to help stimulate the skin. Aloe Vera. Reduce inflammation of the skin and cucumber skin tightening. Keep skin beautiful and tighten the skin white and natural Shea Butter and Vitamin B3. Andlanolin that help the skin retain moisture longer. Add to relax with a French perfume.

Lotion scents to choose from.

The smell of perfume to choose from    : Miracles, Angels, Paradise, Sakura, Kenzo Flower
The natural fragrances to choose from : Jasmine Rice, Sinin Rice, Brown Rice With Black
Sesame Seed.


Take a lotion and apply on your body skin twice times per day after shower or every time as you want.

Ingredents :

aqua, glycerrine, prophylene glycol, cetyl alcohol, stearic acid, trethanilamine, alantoin, tomarine extract, sesame seed oil, rice barn oil, mineral oil, vitamin e, vitamin b3, dl panthenol, fragrance, preservative


Size 300 ml. Distribution per bottle 320 Baht
Size 1,000 ml.   Distribution Refill 650 baht

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Size      300 ml.  Only 285 baht
Size 1,000 ml.   Only 500 baht

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