Sunday, April 8, 2012

Milky Cleansing - The third step of cleaning the face.

Milky Cleansing have a procedure for cleaning and maintenance of the faces of 3 stages in a single step.

Step 1: Wipe clean cosmetics. And impurities on the face.

Step 2: Clean the face. As with the use of cleaning products such as facial cleansing gel or foam.

Step 3 of the facial skin after cleansing as the use of skin care products.

With a mixture of the Milky Cleansing from natural extracts such as extracts of pineapple. And cucumber and serves to stimulate the skin cells, extracts of aloe vera and Wiz Hazel serves to help
the faces and tighten the pores on your face look smaller. Lactic acid helps make skin radiant and smooth.


Bring water to nourish the skin of the Milky Cleansing gently massage the face for a period of 3-4 minutes and rinse with clean water. With a few simple steps, cosmetics and the residue on the face is washed off thoroughly.


aqua, stearic acid, cetyl alcohol, sesame seed oil,rice barn oil, sunflower seed oil, pineapple extract, cucumber extract, aloe vera extract, witch hazel extract, glycerine,propylene glycol, allantoin, fragrance, preservative, triethanalamine


Size 120 ml. Distribution for 750 baht

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Size 120 ml. From 750 baht to 450 baht

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