Monday, April 9, 2012

Jelly Fruit Face Mask

Jelly Fruit Face Mask is enriched with extracts of fruits. Such as, Cucumber extract, Aloe Vera, Tomatoes and Wiz Hazel. To help the skin retain moisture and bright as well as Vitamin B3, which contributes to healthy skin color. Stimulate the skin cells of the skin. And contribute to help strengthen the skin. A face lift. The pores on your face and make the pores smaller. Has helped to fade dark spots and winkles are caused by acne, the dark spots under the skin of the natural skin pigment to fade naturally without causing irritation to the skin, even sensitive skin, tenderness, or extract from the fruits is powerful tonic. the activation of collagen, anti-oxidants making your face look younger than the age.

Direction :

After cleaning the surface. The fruit gel mask over your face and leave it 15 to 20minutes, then rinse with clean water or a cleansing product.


aqua, carboxy polymethylene, triethanolemine, aloe vara extract, witch hazel extract, tomato extract, cucumber extract, fragrance, preservative.


Size 500 ml. Distributed 1,350 baht
Size 1,000 ml. Distributed 2,450 baht

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Size 500 ml. Reduced to only 850 baht
Size 1,200 ml. Reduced to only 1,600 baht

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