Friday, April 13, 2012

4 steps to take to maintain a youthful face.

Step 1  :  Milky Cleansing 

Milky Cleansing have a procedure for cleaning and maintenance of the faces of 3 stages in a single step.

Step 1:  Wipe clean cosmetics. And impurities on the face.
Step 2:  Clean the face. As with the use of cleaning products 
Step 3 of the facial skin after cleansing as the use of skin care products.

With a mixture of the Milky Cleansing from natural extracts such as extracts of pineapple. And cucumber and serves to stimulate the skin cells, extracts of aloe vera and Wiz Hazel serves to help the faces and tighten the pores on your face look smallerLactic acid helps make skin radiant and smooth.

Step 2 :  Natural Toner

     Skin and clean the surface product the elements of nature. Free alcohol is causing irritation to the skin. Suitable for all skin types. Help in the fight against wrinkles and fade dark spots caused by acne. Addition of moisture and flexibility to the skin. The addition of collagen to restore skin color to the skin surface. Concentrated extract of Aloe Vera, Cucumber Extract, White Tea Extract and the Wiz Hazel.

Step 3 : Pure VitaminC

      Pure Vitamin C used to mask helps to reduce the melanin granules that cause skin blemishes caused by acne, freckles, black spots and dull skin from the sun. The scar on the face, a Collagen and Elastin the skin is strong. Accelerate theouter layers of skinStimulate the skin cells, skin tightening and superficial scars on the faceContain anti-oxidants to the facial smooth skin and maintain moisture.

Step 4  :  Vitamin C Collagen Serum

       Serum light texture that helps tighten the skin and restores radiance to skinblemishes caused by acne, freckles and blemishes to the surfaceCollagen and vitamin C concentration in the accelerate and strengthen the skin cells on your faceThe anti-oxidants to prevent and reduce wrinkles on the face. With extracts of Aloe Vera to reduce inflammation of the skinThe Wiz's cells in wound healing. Tighten pores and make skin look younger and smoother than the old skin is clear.

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